PV Solar EPC

  • One partner – for all solutions

    • Experienced and knowledgeable team of experts that work with you at every step of the project to give a delightful experience
    • Quality is our motto – so we only use best components available in the market matching international standards
    • End-to-end solutions that start with designing of the system through installation and commissioning and also include O&M
    • 25 years of performance warranty
    • Responsibly working with you for smoothing of Government processes as required ranging from registration to inspections or testing

Reliable EPC Contractor


Skillful design and optimization for
customer needs in a turnkey system


Selection and delivery of high quality,
integrated components


Detailed planning, project management
and construction

Type of Solar Projects

With a robust manufacturing and engineering background, ABR Energy specializes in state-of-the-art solar project engineering, procurement, construction and operation. With roots in solar consulting, we are a vendor-independent system integrator developer and manufacturer, focusing on customized solar power plant solutions, ranging from RCC rooftops, metal-shed rooftops to elevated superstructure rooftops, that maximize performance and investor returns.

  •  RCC Roof

    ABR Energy has built solar rooftop projects on concrete rooftops with non-penetrative foundations, thus, precluding any leakages issues. ABR Energy employs it razor sharp engineering skills to optimize the weight of the foundations along with mounting structures to suit the load bearing capacity of the roof.

  •  Shed Roof

    Shed-based projects are technically challenging from the perspective of engineering as well as construction, keeping in mind the site constraints. Our penchant for quality and safety at heights has always given rise to our shed-based rooftop EPC projects stamped with extraordinary quality of design and execution.

  •  Ground Mounted

    Ground mount solar project demand highest degree of engineering and execution capabilities, given the complex shape of land parcels and various site-specific factors that affect design and implementation of the projects. ABR Energy builds ground mount project with most complex technology available today.

  •  Super Structure

    Superstructure-based solar projects are a visual delight and result of one’s engineering prowess. These kinds of systems required high level of technical analysis. ABR Energy has created such superstructure projects on the top of the buildings as well on ground, taking engineering to immaculate execution.


ABR Energy is one of the leading commercial, industrial and utility solar EPC providers. We specialize in working with businesses, state and utility officials, and solar developers to meet their sustainability and renewable investment goals.

Our integrated, cross-functional project teams provide an all-inclusive approach to developing and managing large solar projects. We take care of it all—from proposal development to predesign to permitting to design to engineering and construction to pre-commissioning, commissioning, final inspection and interconnection. We offer integrated project development, EPC, financing, O&M services without involving multiple third party services. This approach has allowed us to generate efficiencies of scale that further drive down system costs.

As an EPC contractor, ABR Energy help its customers from concept design to commissioning of the plant that considers time, cost and quality parameters. The unique combination of highly skilled project management, highly qualified resources, engineering capabilities and a reputation as a quality builder has enabled our firm to compete in numerous utility scales SPV projects throughout the country.